How High Risk Users Feel About Cyber Threats

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In 2022, Google and YouGov conducted a survey of high risk users across ten markets, and these are the results from the US people in the political sector and journalists. Google shared the data with Defending Digital Campaigns, since protecting campaigns and tech users in the political sector is a shared goal.

The purpose of the survey was:

“To understand how those working in these professions feel about the cyber threats posed to them, how these threats have evolved, and what they are doing to protect themselves.” 

Read our blog on the research

The findings are in the infographic below:


*Google, in partnership with YouGov, surveyed 705 respondents (350 politicos and 355 journalists) across ten markets: UK, US, BRU, CAN, FR, DE, IT, NL, PL & ES, with the research taking place between 26 October and 1 December 2021 



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