Google 2FA/APP - What do I do if I lose my security keys?

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Let's face it- for some people (like me), losing your keys is an inevitability. But don't fret! You have lots of options to prevent yourself from getting locked out, if that happens and you did not generate backup codes
1, If you have set up keys, lost them, but still are able to log into your account- You can go into their account settings and remove APP/remove the keys yourself! Unless you are using a new device, or traveling, you should still have access to you account settings. Losing your keys won't lock you out, because APP defaults to remembering the device. So, you'll be able to go in, remove the keys, and add new ones.
2. If you are on Workspace and are locked out, contact your organization admin and that person can remove the keys. So, for instance, I would contact my boss, Michael, as he has admin privileges and can force remove APP from my account, so that my keys are no longer needed, and I can set up a new key.
3. If neither of these are possible, submit a recovery request to Google. If you scroll down in this support article, to "what happens if i lose keys?" there is a direct link to the request form:

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