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As a campaign manager, you build your cybersecurity programs around basic protections for everyone and assess the specific risks your campaign faces. There are many online tools that can help you understand your risk better. Security Scorecard, a DDC Partner,  is a cybersecurity ratings platform that enables a campaign to instantly rate, understand, and continuously monitor the cybersecurity risks of their organization. It can also help monitor the safety of third-party vendors/service providers.

SecurityScorecard offers campaigns valuable insights into the vulnerabilities that exist in their own environments.

SecurityScorecard scans the internet daily and review multiple risk categories- such as web application security, network security, public availability of breached data, IP reputation, mentions within underground hacker chatter, and susceptibility to social engineering attacks. The resulting report shows where improvements need to be made.

The third parties that support your campaign--consultants and other online services--can be vulnerable as well. Any vulnerabilities they have are shared with the campaign. An important feature of SecurityScorecard  includes the ability to exchange and validate cybersecurity questionnaires with the campaign’s third-party vendors/service providers.  

SecurityScorecard is currently monitoring and rating over 8 million entities/companies on a daily basis.  The ratings platform is used by over 1,200 organizations globally.

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