How Can I Find out if My Website is on Cloudflare, or who the Registrar is?

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In order to secure and maintain a website, you will need to known some basic information. For many campaigns and organizations, where staff have turned over, old records might not be readily available. 

If you are signing up for a service like Cloudflare  or looking to change your web hosting service, you will need to know who the registrar is and what the nameserver is for your site. This information is easy to retrieve by using one of the many online "whois" tools available. For example: 

Your web developer should be able to help you with this as well.

Using one the whois tools, simply search by the web address and It will show detailed information about the desired domain name, including its nameservers, the registrar and other pertinent information. 

Here's a a short video on how to look the information followed by a screenshoot of a record:






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