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Setting up Cloudflare, a free website service DDC recommends,  is pretty fast and simple, but it does involve logging into the backend of your website and changing some settings. If you’re setting up Cloudflare yourself, have your website login info handy. If you have a web developer or company that set up your campaign or organization website, the easiest thing to do would be to ask them to do it. Share these instructions if needed.. 

These links below will show you how to set up Cloudflare for your website. If you’re an eligible campaign, just let us know once it’s complete and we’ll give you the upgraded features for free.

Setting Cloudflare Up:

Creating a Cloudflare Account & Registering your Website- the first step to setting up Cloudflare.

Changing your Domain Nameservers to Cloudflare - How-to guide to changing your website’s nameservers. 

Additional Cloudflare Resources:

Understanding the Cloudflare Dashboard- Make sense of what you're looking at when you sign in!

Cloudflare Learning Center - a great place to start when it comes to learning about the different facets of website protection!

And as always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or troubleshooting! 


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