What is a Platform and Why Should I Protect it? (< 1 minute read)

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When you use technology for your campaign,  you are using platforms. Platforms can be operating systems that run the hardware we use like Windows in the PC world or MacOS in the Apple world, or Android or IOS for mobile.

Platforms can also be suites of services like Google Workspace or Office 365, where we conduct functions like email, document creation and sharing, and manage the campaign staff and volunteers.

Many other platforms serve a specific functions like WinRed or ActBlue for donation processing,  Zoom, Webex, or GoToMeeting for video conferencing, or the various social media platforms. Whatever platforms  a campaign standardizes on should be used as securely as possible.


In most cases, security is not turned on by default


There are settings that will need to be applied, such as turning on  multifactor authentication  or specifying privileges ( for example, whether a user can be an admin, can edit or create).


In this section we look at specific platforms and how to secure them.

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