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As with any large, multi-faceted platform, it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to security. We’ve given you resources to protect your email account, but what about the platform it’s located on, and the other apps that accompany it?

Microsoft makes it straightforward and easy with these articles on protection.

Start with the first link to get general information on securing M365, and then work your way down to explore the other security options for your account. Eligible campaigns should also take a look at our catalog page for more Microsoft protection offers here

Top 10 Ways to Secure Microsoft 365 - Here you’ll find the best ways to secure your account. 

M365 for Campaigns, Small Businesses - Recommended security configurations for small businesses & campaigns. 

Bump Up Security for Your Campaign or Business- Watch this short video and follow the steps below it to protect your campaign or business. 

Managing Edge Browser Settings for your Users- As an admin of your campaign or organization, you’ll want to manage the settings of your users. This includes browser extensions, MFA requirements upon sign in. 

M365 for Campaigns Enrollment Form- Find out more information and apply extra protection to your accounts for $5 per month by registering here. 

Enroll in Microsoft Account Guard - Microsoft AccountGuard is a new security service offered at no additional cost to customers in the political space. The service is designed to help these highly targeted customers protect themselves from cybersecurity threats. Apply to enroll at the link above.


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