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Defending Digital Campaigns (DDC) is a nonprofit C4, nonpartisan and non-aligned organization providing access to cybersecurity products, services and information regardless of party affiliation.  

Campaigns have faced two significant barriers as they seek to better secure themselves from cyber threats: the high cost of quality cybersecurity products and the experience to organize an effective security strategy.  DDC helps them quickly overcome both, removing cost and expertise as barriers to security and allowing campaign staff to focus on what they do best: campaigning.

DDC’s team bipartisan team includes former presidential campaign managers and political professionals as well as former senior officials at the NSA and DHS, and tech and cybersecurity industry luminaries Their combined expertise gives DDC the ability to curate a collection of smart products and engage effectively with campaigns and parties on both sides of the aisle. 

DDC works with credible vendors to make their services available directly to campaigns at low-to-no cost, in addition to providing education and information sharing for campaign professionals.  DDC was granted special permission by the Federal Election Commission to operate under this model, providing all campaigns--regardless of party--with the support they need within the limits of campaign finance law.

See DDC's Board and staff: https://www.defendcampaigns.org/team

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